Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yipee! Hooray for SpaceX! You did it! Congratulations to the Whole SpaceX team.

SpaceX is the first commercial company to successfully reenter a spacecraft from orbit. Congratulations to all at SpaceX. Your pioneering spirit, dedication and tenacity made this happen. Today dawns a new era of spaceflight. This success truly changes everything. LEO access by commercial companies will allow NASA to focus on the Moon, Mars and the Asteroids. Thank you SpaceX. This is a big day for ALL of us.

Credit: Justin Ray/Spaceflight Now

Credit: Mike Howard

Credit: Justin Ray/Spaceflight Now

Credit: SpaceX - the view from the Dragon Spacecraft

If you missed the launch this morning here is the video from NASA Television.

The "live" feed from SpaceX was absolutely spectacular with the on-board camera's.

SpaceX reported that the scond stage engine cutoff at T+9 minutes with orbital insertion of the Dragon Spacecraft to a high point of 301 kilometers and an inclination of 34.5 degrees. The Dragon mission lasted two orbits and approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes. Four Draco thrusters (of the 18 thrusters each producing 90 lbs of thrust) were fired at pproximately 1:04pm EST and splashdown off the coast of Mexico was around 2:04pm EST.

The Mission Status Center at Spaceflight Now reports:
"The Dragon's performance on-orbit was 100 percent successful, according to SpaceX. The recovery crew in the Pacific Ocean has already arrived at the capsule and attached flotation devices to the spacecraft."

NASA is planning a post-flight press conference as soon as 3:30 p.m. EST (2030 GMT) to discuss further details of the mission. The press conferenc can be viewed at www.

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PillowNaut said...

Just now getting ready to tune into the press conference... what an awesome day with an awesome success! :) I remember reading an article about Elon Musk a few years ago, I think it was in Scientific American mag, about how he knows how to make a fortune, but he also knows how to LOSE on. So many people put down his space dreams in terms of commercial heavy launch vehicles and capsules. Today, he is vindicated!! Kudos to him for using his billions on something that will benefit ALL humanity -- and not just toys for himself.