Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Introducing the Crew of MDRS-88

My very first blog post was about getting selected to be on the crew of MDRS-88 (Mars Desert Research Station – Crew 88). I created this blog to document this mission for my family and friends, so before too much time passes I want to introduce to you the rest of the crew.

Crew 88 consists of Dr. Stephen Wheeler (Founder/President of a Computing and Information Services company and a Senior Professor of the Graduate School of DeVry University, Dallas, Texas), Bianca Nowak (High School Teacher, Belgium), Paul McCall (a Graduate Student at Florida International University, Florida), Diego Urbina (Electrical Engineer, Bogota, Columbia) and myself Laksen Sirimanne (Vice President, Research & Development and Biomedical Engineer, Irvine, California). I will post more details on each of the crew’s backgrounds in the next couple of weeks.

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