Tuesday, December 29, 2009

MDRS-88: Meet the Crew Part 1

Dr. Stephen Wheeler Ph.D, Commander.

Steve has twenty years of corporate and academic experience in the scientific and industrial application of Computer Science and Information Systems. He is the founder and president of Computing and Information Sciences Company, a computer consulting firm, and has been a Principal Consultant for several of the largest computer consulting companies, including Cap Gemini America and Decision Consultants, Inc. He most recently served as Senior Systems Engineer for Compaq Computer Corporation in Houston, Texas.

Presently, he is Senior Professor of Information Systems for the Graduate School of DeVry University in Dallas, Texas, a position he has held since 2002. He has previously held faculty appointments at East Texas State University in Computer Sciences, LeTourneau University, and Dallas Baptist University. His undergraduate (BSc.) degree is in Computer Science and Mathematics from Texas A&M University – Commerce, where he also received his Graduate (MSc.) degree in Computer Science with thesis research in Artificial Intelligence. He holds a Post Graduate (Ph.D.) degree in Artificial Intelligence from Walden University. His research domain was linear symbolic problem solving systems utilizing Aspiration Search modeled on the Iterative-Deepening Alpha-Beta search procedure known as Negamax Fail-Soft Alpha-Beta. His Doctoral research also involved Natural Language Processing (NLP), and his dissertation is titled "A Performance Analysis of the Iterative-Deepening Alpha-Beta Search Procedure Under Variations of the Ordering Interval within a Chess Program." He is presently conducting post-doctoral research in intelligent problem-solving systems employing variations of neurosymbolic morphologies for eventual publication.

Steve is an avid amateur astronomer and owns and operates an observatory-quality Meade 14-inch LX200 GPS Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. He has a keen interest in Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astronautics, and Aerospace technology. He is also interested in vertebrate and invertebrate Paleontology, and Micropaleontology.

He is an FAA Licensed Commercial Pilot with an Instrument Rating and serves as a Transport Mission Pilot with the Texas Wing, Group III of the United States Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol with the rank of Captain. He has successfully completed the Squadron Leadership School, and is the Aerospace Education Officer of the Addison Eagles Squadron and has achieved the Chuck Yeager Aerospace Education Award. He has also been trained in Emergency Services and Homeland Security, and has successfully completed the ICS-300 and ICS-400 FEMA Department of Homeland Security Incident Command System certification.

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