Tuesday, December 29, 2009

MDRS-88: Meet the Crew Part 3

Paul McCall, Chief Astronomer

Paul is currently a graduate student at Florida International University in Miami, Florida. He will graduate this upcoming spring semester with an MS in electrical engineering, with his research focused on digital signal processing. He completed his undergrad degree in electrical engineering at FIU as well. He is doing a co-op with the Department of Defense over the summer, while studying during the school year. His current research focuses on automatic seizure detection techniques.

This past summer Paul worked at the Navy base in Dahlgren, Virginia. He was part of a team that worked with man-portable targeting systems and 1064nm laser guided munitions for use by the United States Marine Corps. He is planning to pursue a Ph.D or another Master's degree in Engineering Physics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Paul has been enthused about space exploration since he was young, and would like to work for NASA after he graduates.

Paul was the starting quarterback at FIU for the last two years. He has three siblings, Heather, Philip, and Sean. He enjoys playing golf, skydiving, and watching movies.

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