Thursday, January 7, 2010

Following the MDRS-88 Mission

We plan on arriving at the MDRS around Noon or so on Saturday the 9th of January (at least that is the plan as of now). I expect the crew handover from MDRS-86/87 will take a couple of hours at least, which means that by 3:00pm or so we will be the resident crew of the MDRS. How exciting! We have been warned that there is a data transmission limit per day to simulate actual conditions of a mission to Mars. There are many reports that we are required to file everyday (Commanders Check-In, Commanders Report, Engineers Report, EVA Reports, Science Reports, Journalist’s Reports etc.). Now these are brief reports to give Mission Control and the Mission Director a quick report on the status of the habitat and the days events. The full reports, power point presentations, photographs, edited video etc will take several months after the mission to compile and complete. Anyway, just in case I don’t get a chance to blog due to bandwidth issues I want to give you some links where you can follow our mission. The MDRS Field Reports will give you a brief account of our day. The HabCam will take a picture every three minutes and post it on the MDRS website. Unfortunately, since we are simulating a full up Mars mission we wont be able to have a "live" HabCam. Fair warning, if we need to utilize the computer that controls the HabCam, then the pictures may take longer to be updated. But I will try my best to post on the blog how our mission is proceeding.

You will also be able to follow our mission with David Levine's blog and Diego Urbina's blog (which is in Spanish).

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