Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tomorrow I leave for Utah...

What a day it has been today! I woke up at 5:00am and wanted to go for an early morning run and I was full of energy, but it was too cold to go running outside and I did not want to take a chance of catching a cold just a few days before the MDRS mission. I went through all my emails, made coffee for Mai, got Taylor ready for school and then rushed to work just in time for our Senior Leadership (SLT) meeting which started promptly at 8:00am. It was an amazing day hearing how the rest of our business units (Heart Valve Therapy, Cardiac Surgery Systems, Critical Care) are doing as well as getting an update on each of the regions (US, Europe, Japan...etc). Edward’s stock price was at an all time high today at $90. It was a pretty intense day for me but I felt I accomplished everything I needed to get done before heading out of the office for two weeks. I am part of a great team and feel that our projects are in good hands while I am a way! Left work around 5:40pm and rushed to pickup some Persian food for dinner, got a hair cut (cut it really short), picked up a few supplies from REI and Sports Authority and got home around 7:00pm. Had dinner, got ALL of the packing done (finally!), and rechecked all software for the Garmin GPS, the digital camera and the HD video camera. Everything is operational. I downloaded the last of the Food Study questionnaires, read through MDRS-87 crew reports as well as Mission Support reports. Bathed the kids, cuddled them, checked homework, talked to Mai at great length, washed the dishes and went through a dozen emails for work. Maybe it was a little more than a typical day for me but it was pretty close. But it is all done and I am ready for MARS. I am tired and excited at the same time.

There are days that I often tell myself that I have an amazing life. Today is one of those days!

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