Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mars Mission Day Ten - Part 2

0930: We just finished our crew briefing and all EVAs postponed indefinitely. We had resigned ourselves to a morning of report writing until Paul suggested that the engineers go out for our morning Rover “Check-out”. Well, he strongly recommended we get this done and over with. When you take six people and put them inside a structure that looks like a thirty foot diameter can and tell them that the only time they can go out is in a spacesuit twice a day... this is what happens.

First part of the "Rover check-out"

Being very thorough with "Opportunity"

We had such fun! After two weeks of working eighteen hour days I think everyone was ready to expend a little energy and have some fun.

Paul and Diego on "Spirit" and "Viking 1"

Bianca on "Opportunity"

David says "Yup, good check out"

The Engineering Report will conclude that ALL Rover’s checked-out “under Mars polar conditions, functioning well, and exceeding performance parameters” :)

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BrianShiro said...

Wow! And I left my goretex snow pants at home! Oh well.