Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mars Mission Day Ten - Part 3

1530: Just returned from a GPS tracking EVA with Bianca and David. We travelled along Lowell Highway (which is actually a trail) north-east to a point called Hussar Pass. After that, we could not see the trail anymore and the trail was so muddy and slippery that we decided to turn back and return to the Hab. By the time we got back we were a muddy mess. It was a good thing we left our spacesuits and helmets back at the Hab or they would have been covered with mud by the time we got back. Total EVA time was one hour and thirty minutes.

Bianca and David on the GPS tracking EVA (EVA#26)

It was 47F by 3:00pm

With the warm weather, all this turned to mud

It was great to be back in the Hab

Will write again tomorrow.

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