Friday, January 22, 2010

Last day on Mars

Mars Desert Research Station

Today was our last full day at the Mars Desert Research Station. It was an overcast, cold and windy day. Only Paul, Bianca and Diego dared to venture out and they came back quickly to the safety of the Hab. Today we finished up the last of our reports and research. Most of the day was spent cleaning up the Hab for the next crew. There is a rule here at the Hab that everything that is brought to the MDRS needs to be taken away. Even samples collected need to be removed from the Hab, however unique and interesting they may be. So all the rock and plant samples had to be disposed of and instructions and checklists were prepared for the incoming crew. Overall, it was a boring day compared to previous days. At least the Internet is up and running after giving us a series of headaches these last few days.

It’s raining right now (2030) and we are all worried that Crew-89 will have a hard time getting to the Hab because the trails are muddy and very slippery. We expect the next crew to get here sometime between 1200 and 1300 and after the crew handover briefing we hope to leave for Grand Junction GJT, Colarado no later than 1500. We met ALL of our research and engineering goals, and as much as we have thoroughly enjoyed this unique experience we are all ready to go home.

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