Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mars Mission Day Seven

I have been meaning to post a short photo tour of the Habitat (the “Hab”) ever since we got here last week Saturday, but the days have been so packed with engineering and science that I have not had an opportunity to complete this post until tonight. So here it is:

The Hab with MDRS Crew-88

The Hab is 30 feet in diameter and consists of two decks and is simulated to be the crew habitat that will land on the surface of Mars. Our Hab includes the five landing pads that the actual Hab will have but no rocket engines. The upper deck consists of the crew quarters (there are six of them), the electronics (weather station, radio telescope and HabCam operations computer, wireless internet routers etc). Also, on the second floor is the kitchen, sink and engineering/computer work stations including a center table which doubles as a work bench and crew meal table.

Engineering/Computer work area (Steve, David and Laksen)

Kitchen (back left)

Each crew member has their own private cabin. Mine is the first one next to the stairs which is usually reserved for the Executive Officer (XO) or the Chief Engineer. The one on the other side of the six rooms is reserved for the Crew Commander with the rest of the cabins in between us. The doors of each of the cabins have placards with crew names and patches of those who have occupied them in previous missions.

My cabin (next to the stairs) - it's very comfortable and warm

My cabin is on the far left

The lower deck consists of the biology and geology labs, the EVA gowning room, the EVA airlock, the engineering tool bench/power inverter, the toilet, the shower room and the engineering airlock.

The geology and biology labs

EVA helmets and backpacks

EVA ready room (most change in the Lab)

EVA airlock

Name badges from EVA suits from previous crews (mine is up there as well)

Tool bench (center), power inverter and controls (left), toilet and shower (on the right)

Engineering airlock

I have some great video but due to bandwidth limitations I will have to post them when I get back to Earth. Tomorrow I will post a photo tour of the greenHab, and the Radio Telescope (unfortunately the Musk Telescope has been sent to Earth for repairs).

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